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Welcome to the
meaning in-between 


for your next event, wedding,

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Photos/Videos by Jack Holmes

Hi! I'm Jack, and I've got a passion for film and photos that stretches back throughout my entire life. In the past year, I have begun to rediscover that passion through videography and photography in a new way which includes capturing weddings, events, music videos, mini-docs, and more. I'd love to help make your "something to remember" captured tastefully and artistically. If it's your job to show up and do what you gotta do to get home on time, then it's my job to be there and capture all of the meaning in-between!

All are welcome.

This is the place to find videos/photos for...


Weddings, Events, and More!

Whether you're planning for your big day and don't want to miss a moment or need some senior pictures to mark a great accomplishment, MIB will have you covered!


Music Videos, Mini Documentaries, etc.

If you're trying to launch an album or other creative project off the ground and you need a creative partner to lend a hand in the film department, I'd be honored to be a part of your journey!



If you're looking for promotional videography for your business at a reasonable price from a veteran in the field, look no further! MIB would be happy to work with you!


Let's work together!

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